The 7 common types of plumbing services

There are many different services that a plumber completes day in and day out, from home to home, business to business.

Want to know the 7 common types of plumbing services your local Perth plumber provides and what they entail?

Read more from the Melville Plumbers at Superior Plumbing, to find out.


  1. Clearing drains and sewers

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – drains and sewers are the unsung heroes, enduring the vast majority of the plumbing demands of a household or business.

Drains and pipes become blocked because of a lot of different things like hair and cooking oils to organic debris and even tree roots.

You can learn more about the common culprits behind blocked drains and what you can do about them, here.

At Superior Plumbing, we have a range of expert blocked drain and sewer services to professionally clear, clean and repair your pipe, drain or sewer blockages.


  1. Emergency plumbing

When important plumbing parts and fixtures break down, play up or downright burst in front of your eyes, this warrants a call to an emergency plumber.

After all, complete pipe and drain failures can lead to flooding, toilet overflows and gas leaks.

All of the above can have detrimental damage to not only your property and possessions, but serious health hazards to all building occupants, too.


  1. Gas fitting

Only licensed and certified gas plumbers can attend to gas lines. Fortunately, Superior Plumbing have professional gas fitters ready to be of service.

Our gas fitters are fully capable of:

  • Installing new gas pipework and related components
  • Leak detection
  • Repair and replacement of existing, troublesome gas lines.

Want to know more about a plumber’s role in gas fitting? Find out more in our latest blog.


  1. Installations

Bought a new dishwasher, pump or toilet? Too apprehensive to attempt installing it yourself? We get you and we got you!

Our Melville Plumber team are often called to professionally and properly install appliances that require plumbing work.

Did you know?

  • In certain cases, it might be a legal requirement for a licenced plumber to install or sign off on some installations.

Don’t risk it – call a licenced Melville Plumber today.


  1. Maintenance

If you’re not keen on waiting around for a plumbing problem or emergency to arise, plumbing maintenance is the best preventative measure you can organise.

What does a plumber check as part of maintenance?

  • Drains
  • Gas lines
  • Toilet flushing mechanisms
  • Water heater
  • Any other signs of impending failures and faults.


Our expert Melville Plumbers can even do property plumbing checks prior to the purchase or leasing of a property.


  1. Renovations

Looking to renovate your home or business?

Our Melville Plumbers can expertly reposition pipework in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries to allow for remodelling as per your new design requirements.


  1. Repair and replacement

Over time, wear and tear can damage plumbing appliances and components. This can be your taps and toilet mechanisms, hot water systems and even pipes.

At Superior Plumbing we’ll be able to accurately identify the best course of action, keeping you informed every step of the way.


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