Can a plumber safely install gas lines?

Plenty of people think that a plumber is who to call for blocked toilets and drains, burst pipes and leaky taps. While this is true, some plumbers can provide a wide range of further specialised services, including gas.

You can almost guarantee almost every residential and commercial property uses gas in one way, shape or form. From heating to cooling, gas line connections provide welcomed convenience and comfort.

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What is a gas fitter anyway?

Let’s start from the very beginning. A gas fitter is a person who is both trained and qualified in the installation and servicing of gas fixtures and related appliances.

With the capacity to work in both residential and commercial settings, licensed gas fitters are who to call for the installation and servicing of:

  • Gas hot water systems and gas heaters
  • Other gas appliances such as gas tops and ovens
  • Detecting and resolving gas leaks
  • And upgrading gas metres in new and existing homes.

A licenced plumber and gas fitter’s number is good to have handy for preventative maintenance and gas emergencies.


The tell-tale signs of gas line problems

Natural gas is a fuel that is highly flammable, and something that no one wants leaking in or around their property.

As licensed gas fitters ourselves, we’ve listed some warning signs that may point to a gas leak.

What are they?

  • The smell of sulphur/rotten eggs (often the first and easily identifiable sign)
  • Bubbling near the pipes
  • A change in the flame quality in your burners
  • A patch of dead plants in your garden (that isn’t due to under or over watering).

Don’t wait for all four of the above signs to present themselves. Instead, contact a trusted Perth gas fitter as soon as possible to assess and solve the issue.


Thinking of repairing a gas line yourself?

Stop and think again. Why? Because gas can be deadly.

A licenced professional is the only person you should be calling for anything related to gas installation, servicing or emergency repairs.

Your local Melville plumber team at Superior Plumbing provide expert gas fitting services to the wider Perth metro area.

What’s the relationship between plumbing and gas?

  • Specialised plumbing expertise is essential in the safe and proper installation of gas lines.
  • This includes organising the correct fittings, proper piping and appropriate insulation methods for exteriors.

A gas fitter’s work isn’t over once the gas is connected from your property to the gas pipeline. Ongoing maintenance is essential for the health and safety of not only the line and appliances, but the health and safety of residents, guests and users.


Can Superior Plumbing safely install gas lines?

Absolutely. We’re here to help you keep safe and comfortable in your home or business.

Our specialised gas fitting and repair services, coupled with our licensed, professional gas fitter team enables us to do just that and more.


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