Sewer Junctions


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At Superior Plumbing Drainage & Gas, we specialise in the installation of new sewer junctions, also known as sewer line cut-ins or junction cut-ins. Whether you’re transitioning from a septic system to sewer reticulation, undergoing home renovations, or initiating green title subdivisions or strata lot subdivisions, a new sewer junction may be necessary.

Our knowledgeable team can expertly connect your property to the Water Corporation’s wastewater system, meeting the mandatory requirements for sewer junction cut-ins set by the Water Corporation. For site works exceeding 1.5 meters in depth, we adhere to Australian standards by installing temporary supports to reinforce the trench, ensuring a legally compliant installation process in Western Australia.

A poorly executed sewer junction cut-in can lead to subsequent leaks and costly issues. With our fully qualified and experienced team, we ensure the highest standards of workmanship, providing assurance and reliability for all completed projects.

Sewer Junction Process

  1. Investigation & Approvals:

    We conduct thorough site assessments and offer expert guidance, facilitating approval from the local government’s environmental health officer. Our team also advises on the decommissioning of old septic tanks, if necessary. We can apply & submit junction applications to the Water Corporation. We can also gain relevant Water Corporation approvals for working round their asset (APRA).
  2. Siteworks, Excavation & Trenching:

    Equipped with a versatile range of custom earthwork machinery, including excavators, bobcats, and trench shoring boxes, we meticulously excavate the area to prepare for inspection and installation.
  3. Material Delivery:

    Superior Plumbing Drainage & Gas provides all necessary materials to Australian standards, delivered directly to site, to ensure each job is completed quickly and efficiently.
  4. Water Corporation Coordination:

    We collaborate closely with the Water Corporation, facilitating the cutting into the main sewer line as required and submitting all updated work sheets to the Water Corporation for review.
  5. Installation:

    Following the successful approval and cutting of the main sewer line, our team proceeds with the expert installation of the junction, seamlessly connecting your property to the wastewater system.

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