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Welcome to Superior Plumbing, your trusted partner for premium plumbing solutions in Perth. Providing free upfront fixed quote prices, our skilled team specialises in Residential and Commercial projects, such as blocked drain repairs, strata subdivisions, junction cut-ins, and sewer and water main extensions.

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Our specialised plumbing services

Blocked Drains

Hair, grease, cleaning agents, and garden debris, including leaves and tree roots, often contribute to common drain blockages in the Perth area.


Subdividing a property can hold tremendous promise, yet without the right guidance and organisation, it can quickly become overwhelming.

sewer junctions

At Superior Plumbing Drainage & Gas, we specialise in the installation of new sewer junctions, also known as sewer line cut-ins or cut-in junctions.

sewer main extensions

Sewer main extensions are a vital component of any property's sewage infrastructure, facilitating the efficient disposal of wastewater.

Water main extensions

Water main extensions are essential for ensuring a reliable supply of clean water to residential and commercial properties.


Soakwells play a critical role in managing stormwater runoff and preventing flooding or water damage to residential and commercial properties.

Residential Plumbing

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With a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, Superior Plumbing’s highly skilled team provides unparalleled service in Perth and surrounding areas. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, including reliable solutions for blocked drains and expert handling of complex drainage repairs, we guarantee top-tier quality at an affordable price. Experience the advantage of our cutting-edge equipment ensuring precise and efficient work. Trust in our specialised approach to strata subdivisions, reflecting our dedication to seamless property management. Contact us today and discover why Superior Plumbing is your trusted partner for all residential plumbing requirements.


With years of industry experience, our licensed and certified plumbers are well-equipped to handle a diverse range of residential plumbing projects.


At Superior Plumbing, we prioritise customer satisfaction and aim to provide a seamless and stress-free experience for all our residential clients.

Commercial Plumbing

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As the leading solution provider for commercial plumbing requirements in Perth, Superior Plumbing is dedicated to bringing unparalleled expertise and efficiency to every project, ensuring seamless operations for your business. With a comprehensive suite of services tailored for commercial settings, we specialise in efficient plumbing solutions for large-scale operations, keeping businesses running smoothly. Trust in our commitment to utilising the latest technologies and innovative approaches, guaranteeing precise and effective plumbing solutions that adhere to commercial standards. Experience the advantage of our strategic approach to minimising downtime and maximising productivity.

Expertise and Compliance

Backed by years of experience and industry expertise, our licensed and certified plumbers are adept at handling diverse commercial plumbing projects while adhering to all industry regulations and safety standards.

Tailored Solutions

Understanding the critical importance of minimal disruptions to your commercial operations, we offer tailored plumbing solutions designed to address the specific requirements of your business.

Our Clients

The City of Melville have used Superior Plumbing, Drainage & Gas for various projects over the past 5 years & they are always a pleasure to deal with. From first contact, to quoting & then when the project is underway, the team are very responsive & professional. They provide quality workmanship & are very experienced plumbers, happy to share their knowledge.

Miriam Harmer

The City of Melville

Base Construction have been working with Superior Plumbing, Drainage & Gas for the past few years. The team are highly experienced and knowledgeable, extremely fair and efficient, and we are very happy to have them working in and around our client's homes. I would highly recommend the Superior team to anyone, private or commercial, who are looking for good, trustworthy tradesmen to help with any plumbing, drainage or gas.

Blair Collie

Base Construction

We have been using Superior Plumbing, Drainage & Gas on many of our projects for the past 10 years. Steve and his staff are very professional and extremely proactive in working with our company to achieve the best outcome of each and every project. They provide quality workmanship and go above and beyond our expectations. It is a pleasure to work with businesses of such professionalism and I certainly have no hesitation in recommending Superior Plumbing Drainage & Gas.          

Andrew James Director

Prestige Homes WA

Team & Equipment

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With a wealth of experience and expertise, the Superior Plumbing team is committed to providing top-tier service for both residential and commercial projects, ensuring prompt and reliable assistance every step of the way. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and advanced tools, we guarantee precise and efficient workmanship, enhancing the quality and durability of our plumbing services. Trust in our specialised knowledge in handling intricate plumbing tasks and our focus on employing cutting-edge equipment to tackle complex projects. Get in touch with us to experience the Superior Plumbing advantage today.

Advanced Fleet

Our well-maintained fleet of service vehicles is fully equipped with high-quality materials and advanced machinery, ensuring that every job is completed with precision and efficiency.

Professional Staff

Our dedicated team forms the backbone of our operations, bringing together a group of skilled professionals who are passionate about delivering the best plumbing solutions in Perth.

Quality workmanship with every project


Blocked drain / cctv Drain Inspection


Junction / Subdivision


Junction / Stormwater


Sewer Main Extension


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