Which Hot Water System is Right for You?

When you think of a well-running, functional home you probably think of working toilets and taps, washing machine and dryer, fridges and freezers and so on.

However, a hot water system is something that is imperative to your home, too. Trust us, you’ll notice if/when it goes bust.

So, whether you’re building a new home or replacing an old hot water system, it’s worth doing your research to choose the best one.

Want to know which hot water system is right for you?

Read more from the Melville plumber team at Superior Plumbing to find out.


What are the different types of hot water systems?


Continuous systems and storage systems are the two main hot water heater types on the market.

  • Continuous water systems

These systems are usually powered by gas, but some electric models do exist. This type of system only heats water as it’s needed.

  • Storage water systems

These systems are often electric or solar powered. They work by pre-heating the water and storing it in an insulated tank.

We don’t need to inform you of why hot water is needed in the home. Shower and bath time just wouldn’t be pleasant without it.


Here are some other benefits hot water systems provide:

  • Convenient, instant access to hot water
  • Saves on energy as modern technology diminishes the electric energy loads that older models once created.
  • Conserves water – especially with a continuous hot water system which only releases hot water when you need it.

Now, how about the advantages and disadvantages of hot water system heating sources?


Electric hot water systems



  • Generally low upfront costs.
  • A good choice for moderate water consumption.
  • Nice and easy to install and use.
  • Saves on space because they don’t require a storage tank.


  • Can be more costly long term when compared to other systems due to the amount of electricity used.
  • Power outages = no hot water, either.



Gas hot water systems



  • The operational cost is lower than its electric counterparts.
  • There’s a greater hot water recovery rate than electric hot water systems.
  • Power outage? Don’t worry, your hot water system and usage won’t be affected.


  • The upfront costs are greater compared to other unit types.
  • Very small, but still potential risk of dangerous gas malfunctioning.



Solar hot water systems


These are the relatively new kids on the block. Let’s take a look with your Melville plumber.



  • Lower operational costs.
  • Government subsidies may be available.
  • Highly energy efficient.


  • Initial installation costs are higher.
  • Requires roof space to accommodate the solar panels.
  • The weather (especially winter) can affect your heater’s performance.


So, which hot water system is right for you? Ultimately, the final decision is yours to make. We hope this guide has helped you make the right choice.

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