4 Reasons Why Your Drains Are Blocked and How to Fix Them

Gurgling, slow draining sinks, unsightly sights and awful smells, there’s no wonder why blocked drains are nobody’s friend. That’s why when you have blocked drains Perth, you need to fix them fast to avoid frustration and further damage to your plumbing system.

To avoid them happening in the future, it’s worth finding out the reasons why they’re blocked.

Read on for diagnosing and fixing blocked drains Perth, from your plumber Melville specialists to save time, money and plumbing frustration in the future.

Hair blocks drains

Hair is supposed to stay on your body, but we all know it often ends up on the floor, or worse, in your drains. Sometimes, like when first noticed, you can simply pick the hair from the drain and remove it.

However, if not cleared up straight away it can cause many issues (i.e. blocked drains) down the line.

In fact, your plumber Melville team say hair is one of the largest causes of blocked drains Perth.

So, how can you fix it?

  • Small amounts of hair can be removed yourself, but don’t forget the gloves!
  • Drain wires or even clothes wire hangers can work if your hand can’t reach them,
  • If all else fails, a blocked drains plumber will have the tools to help.

Toiletries block drains

As we transition from a reusable, to single-use and throwaway, to reusable society again, it takes people more time to adjust than others.

Not sure what the blocked drain plumber Perth team are getting it?

We’re talking toiletries as the nasty culprits behind blocked drains Perth, such as:

  • Nappies,
  • “Flushable” wipes and baby wipes, and
  • Feminine hygiene products.

Toilets and plumbing systems are to dispose of human waste and toilet paper, as when items like toiletries mix with water, they often absorb moisture, expand and then block pipes.

The solution:

  • Change your habits and dispose of toiletries the right way – with your garbage.
  • Call a blocked drains plumber if you need emergency plumbing assistance.

Grease build-up blocks drains

Just like stray hairs in the bathroom sinks and shower drains, cooking grease and fats will build up in the kitchen sink.

How do these liquids block drains?

  • They stick to the inside of pipes, eventually building up to where no liquid can pass through.

The solution:

  • Avoid washing cooking greases and fats down the sink whenever possible as the liquid will cool, harden and build up on the pipes.
  • Instead, pour waste oils and fats into glass jars and then dispose of in the garbage.

Organic debris and wild weather blocks drains

Trees, shrubs, leaves and roots can be the bane of water drains, particularly after spring and autumn.

In search of water, tree roots will grow and head towards underground water drains, proving that you may not always have to see the problem, for there to be one.

Overflow of rainwater in gutters and downpipes, too, may indicate a blocked drain or pipe somewhere.

The solution:

  • Keep your outdoor area clear of fallen leaves and debris,
  • Ensure gutters are cleaned during the wet season,
  • Call a blocked drains plumber to assist with wastewater removal, unclogging your pipes from debris and structural repair of plumbing systems.

Blocked drains plumber Perth

Some of the above solutions are easy DIY fixes, while others need the experience of a blocked drains plumber Melville team.

Preventing blocked drains is your job, fixing blocked drains is ours.

Need help with blocked drains Perth?

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