How healthy are your stormwater drains?

Perth has recorded it’s wettest July in 20 years and the rains are showing no signs of ceasing yet.

With storms and heavy rainfall behind us and no doubt, still in front of us, homeowners and tenants alike are faced with the possibility of fallen trees, power outages and flooding to their properties.

If you haven’t already – now is a good time to examine the health of your property’s stormwater drains.

Because those that are clogged or damaged can go unnoticed until a heavy downpour.

Interested in identifying just how healthy your stormwater drains are? And how to keep them healthy and clear all year round? Find out down below with the Perth plumbers at Superior Plumbing.


The common causes of blocked stormwater drains



A stormwater drain is infrastructure designed to drain excess rainwater and ground water away from surfaces such as car parks and footpaths, streets, sidewalks and roofs.

Due to their location underground, they are unfortunately susceptible to blockages from tree roots.

Why and how is this possible? Tree roots love the moisture and minerals found in the stormwater of pipes. They seek out weak points in the pipes, infiltrating through the smallest cracks and in some extreme cases, completely fill up the pipe for many, many metres.

Another cause is the gradual changes occurring in surrounding soils.

Gradual soil erosion around pipes can impact your stormwater system, resulting in sagging or completely collapsed stormwater drains.


How to prepare your stormwater drains for rainy weather deluge


Plant trees away from stormwater drains

Lessen the risk of tree root blockages by planting new trees, shrubs and plants away from your property’s stormwater drains. Another tip is to choose plants with less aggressive root systems.

Clean your gutters and keep up with garden maintenance

  • Clear and clean your gutters regularly, even more so when there are trees that lose a lot of leaves near your roof
  • Rake up grass clippings, fallen leaves and other windswept debris (be they organic, litter and/or plastic rubbish)
  • Remove visible sticks and debris near your stormwater grates.


Hire a plumber for professional plumbing services

Suspicious of a plumbing problem? Not too sure when your storm drains and pipes were last inspected?

The quickest and most comprehensive way to determine current and future pipe problems is to hire a plumber to carry out a CCTV drain inspection. It’s a straightforward and less invasive way to identify and thereby, solve, your problems.

From here, you may decide to get your drains cleaned with a high-pressure jet blaster.

This professional and highly effective method can remove dirt, leaves, sand, sediment and other debris.


Avoid unhealthy stormwater drains at all costs

Extensive and costly damage to your home could potentially arise from unmaintained stormwater drains.


  • Foundation erosion
  • Water damage
  • Rising damp
  • Health hazards caused by mould issues.

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