How to Fight Roots – The Enemy of Plumbing

Blocked drains are considered the frustration of many homes and business owners.

It’s common knowledge that food scraps, cooking oils and grease, hair, toiletries and other miscellaneous foreign objects cause blocked drains. There could be another root to your problem: tree roots.

Yes – the humble tree (or trees) in your garden may be causing more unseen damage to your pipes and drains than you’d think.

Want to know how to fight tree roots, one of the greatest enemies of plumbing?

Read more from the Perth blocked drains plumbers at Superior Plumbing to find out how.


Keep up with your garden maintenance

Look not inside, but outside when it comes to your plumbing problems. How much (or how little) garden maintenance you undertake on your property may well affect the health of your plumbing systems and whether or not your drains remain unblocked.


  • Tree roots are naturally drawn to the nearest source of water and can cause your pipes to crack over time.
  • It’s when they seep into and overtake your pipes that big, expensive blockages may occur.

To maintain a healthy, abundant, but well-kept garden keep it free from leaves and debris, as they’ll only wreak havoc and add obstructions to your drain over time.

While this is a great prevention method to avoid roots overtaking your plumbing, what should you do if roots have already taken up residence in your pipes?


The different methods of fighting tree roots in pipes


There are two main methods to fight roots when they overtake your plumbing.

Let a plumber walk you through them:

  • Use salt

Now, this isn’t just any kitchen salt. You should use sodium chloride, copper sulphate or rock salt, and flush roughly 220g at a time of it down the toilet and repeat until roughly 900g has been used.

Why do this? The salt will dry out the roots, allowing water to flow back to normal. Follow the instructions properly and repeat a few times. If you have any concerns, talk to a Perth plumber about another method.

  • Cut the roots

It’s best to leave this to the professionals, like the team at Superior Plumbing. Our CCTV camera drain inspections ensure identification and the best plan of action is always provided, safely and professionally.

Fight the root of the problem, the roots themselves, with the help of a professional plumber.


Superior Plumbing prevent and dissolve blocked drains


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We can assist with:

  • Blocked drains, sinks and sewers (caused by tree roots or otherwise)
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Prevention by practising good plumbing habits is one thing, getting help when you have plumbing problems is another.

For professional plumbing advice and superior plumbing services, rely on the Perth plumbers at Superior Plumbing.


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