Your Water Corporation Guide to Subdivision Plumbing Requirements

Many homeowners and investors in Perth are interested in the benefits, particularly financial, of subdividing a block. Yet, without the professional guidance of what’s involved and the services to ensure it’s done right; subdividing could drag out into a long and tiresome process.

Thankfully, the Perth plumber team at Superior Plumbing are here to help you understand the plumbing side of strata and subdivision planning.

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Relocation and boundaries


A subdivided block is no longer a single block, it’s now two or more. Or at least, it will be soon.

For example, a Battle Axe Subdivision is a block of land behind another that has street access via a long driveway.

In these situations, the sewer line of the front property will need to be diverted and rerouted to follow the boundary. All of which must remain within 600mm of this boundary.

Our plumbers are experienced with the plumbing work for strata and subdivisions.


What about sewer points?


As you may have guessed, an original sewer inspection point installed in lot 1, long before the very thought of subdivision is often in lot 2. This means you’ll be needing a new inspection point for lot 1.

What else will need to be done?

  • Creation of a sewer connection point for lot 2 (and any other additional lot)
  • Sewer junction cut ins, to ensure a smooth-running operation, without delay and unexpected additional costs
  • Sewer extensions.

Both the sewer junction cut ins and sewer extensions involve the Ministers Sewer which is Water Corporation infrastructure.

As such, close consultation and approval from the Water Corporation will be needed to conduct your subdivision and strata plans. The assistance and quality work of a licenced Perth plumber will also be needed.


How a licensed Perth plumber can help


The Superior Plumbing team will be of great help in your subdivision, green title or other residential plumbing needs.

Here’s a snapshot of the services we provide:

  • Initial planning and consultations
  • Application to the Water Corporation
  • Lodgement and provision of Certificate of Compliance to the client
  • Superior project management and liaison with all necessary parties
  • Plumbing design and subsequent professional plumbing works
  • As constructed drawings to be submitted to the Western Australian Planning Commission.


Whether you’re intending to build a house behind a house, a green title dwelling, or survey strata subdivision, Superior Plumbing can provide the high-quality, superior plumbing services you need.


Why Superior Plumbing?

  • Cost-effective and timely solutions to ease the stres
  • s of the process,
  • Keep you and your building plans fully compliant,
  • Our team consists of only highly qualified, trained and experienced Perth plumbers, and
  • We’re committed to staying fully up to date with the latest industry trends and regulation changes.

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