When to Replace Your Gas Heater

While water heater replacement is expensive, it can also be dangerous to not replace a damaged heater. 


Broken water heaters are one of the leading causes of water damage and flooding in Australia. Knowing when to get a Perth plumber to replace your water heater can save you from a major leak or burst. 

Many people prefer gas heaters to electric heaters due to their higher efficiency and lower operating cost. Therefore, it is important that you know how to identify when it is time for gas heaters or gas hot water systems to be replaced by an expert gas plumber in Perth. 


Takes too Long to Heat


Are you getting cold water or lukewarm water when you turn on the hot water tap? You probably don’t get enough hot water from the water heater. 

As the water heats, minerals and sediments build-up at the bottom of the tank. The tank’s heating element becomes more difficult to heat, which eventually causes the heater to stop working or start leaking. If your water heater is older, it could be more than a broken heating element. A water heater replacement might be the best option. 

Your gas heater or hot water system may need to be serviced if your room takes too much time to heat or your shower heats up too slowly even though it has the temperature set to maximum. Waiting for hot water systems to heat up can not only be costly, but it will also cause water waste. 


Strange Smell


You might notice an unusual smell in your home or around your vents. This could indicate a gas heater is leaking or has a fault. Faulty gas heaters, as well as other gas appliances, can produce dangerous gases and cause harm like carbon monoxide poisoning. This condition causes headaches, dizziness, and nausea, as well as shortness of breath, weakness, and confusion. These symptoms can be caused by gas appliances that are defective. If you feel them, get out of the danger zone. 


Standing Water Around the Water Heater


Is there a pool of water or a puddle around the water heater’s base? Most likely, there is a leak in your tank. The corrosion of the tank’s inner liner is what causes a leaking tank to be irreparable. This can happen due to neglect, mineral and sediment build-up, or age. If corrosion has reached a point where it is causing cracks in the tank, this can then lead to flooding of your entire house. 

It is important to verify with us at Superior Plumbing, Perth gas plumbing experts, that the leak is from the tank and not the T/P valve. For a new water heater, call your local hot-water installer and blocked drain specialist if you find a leak. 


Corrosion in the Tank


Are you noticing discoloured or rusty water, chunks of sediment or metallic odours? 

Your water heater tank’s interior is made from steel, which can corrode over time. If the water is orange or reddish in colour, it’s likely that the pipes and tank are rusted. If you don’t drain your hot water heater frequently, the rust will build up inside the tank, eventually causing the heater tank to leak. 


The Tank Makes a Rattling and Popping Sound


Pay attention to the water heater. Is it making a popping or clanging sound as it heats water? 

The sound you hear is the boiling water trapped under the sediments and minerals. This means your water heater may have scales and minerals built up on its surface. Your hot water heater can burst if it starts to pop. It is best to replace your hot water heater before you experience a costly leak. 


You Are Experiencing Frequent Problems with the System


If you’ve fixed one leak, but now there’s another, or if the tank is cleaned and then you hear strange sounds, your system may need to be replaced. 

You can upgrade your system to make it more energy-efficient and save money on your next energy and water bill. 


Old System


You should have your heaters serviced and replaced if they have not been maintained or repaired since you purchased your property. Every couple of years, you should have your heaters checked and maintained.  

The good news is that your new system will be more efficient and cost-effective than the old one. You can also rest assured that your new system will supply hot water for your family for many years. 

Every gas connection must be certified. Not to mention that a gas leak can pose a danger to your home or business premises. Why take a chance with your gas heaters and gas hot water systems? Instead, hire a licensed, insured professional to service them, like us at Superior Plumbing. To keep your gas heaters in safe working order, it is important to have them checked. 


Contact Your Local Perth Plumbing Hot Water Gas Specialist


Are you experiencing any of these problems? Don’t wait until it is too late. Superior Plumbing, Perth’s blocked drain experts can provide the best advice on water heaters and professional hot water heater installations. 

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