What is CCTV and Why is it Used in Plumbing?

When you think of CCTV you may think of security cameras for businesses and shopping centres, for pubs, clubs and restaurants.

You probably don’t think of CCTV and plumbing together, but they actually work together so well, that they’re many a blocked drains plumber’s best friend…on the job that is.

Interested to learn more about CCTV and why it’s used in plumbing?

Read more from the blocked drains plumber Perth team at Superior Plumbing to find out why CCTV is used and how it could solve your blocked drain problems.


What is CCTV anyway?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and is often used across many businesses and residences for video surveillance. It uses video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on to a limited set of monitors.

CCTV in plumbing is an investigative process, whereby camera technology assesses sewer and stormwater drains on a residential or commercial property. It involves inserting an exceptionally small camera fitted to a cable, into a pipe or drain to inspect.

CCTV in plumbing is the plumbing technology our plumbing ancestors wish they had!

Let’s explore the very reasons it’s used in plumbing (hint: it’s got to do with blocked drains).


Why is CCTV recommended in plumbing?

A Perth blocked drain plumber loves CCTV for jobs involving blocked drains Perth.


  • It takes plenty of the guesswork, head-scratching and trial and error out of the equation,
  • The exact cause and problem is identified as well as the location, and
  • A blocked drain solution is more quickly and reliably given.

What plumbing situations is CCTV recommended for?

  • Many recurring sewer or stormwater drain blockages,
  • Slowly draining sinks,
  • Backed up water, bad odours and gurgling sounds coming from your pipes.

There’s many causes behind blocked drains Perth, and there’s one easy way to identify and get on to solving them.

A CCTV plumbing investigation is the most cost-effective way to investigate drain issues at a property, because why excavate if it’s time-wasting and money-draining?


If the plumbing problem is already identified – do I still need CCTV?

You would think no, but the answer is actually yes.

CCTV inspection of the continuation of the drain can be extremely useful still to help identify any other potential problem areas in pipes.

If all issues are identified at once, they can all be addressed and solved at once – saving you time, money and further plumbing stress.


Superior Plumbing solving blocked drains Perth

For blocked drains Perth, you need a blocked drains plumber who uses only the best tools and technology for the job.

With CCTV drain inspections, there’s no trial error, only simplified plumbing solutions to tackle and remedy your blocked drains.

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