What is Backflow Prevention?

With the water flowing in one direction only, it’s pretty catastrophic when back-pressure makes its way into valves and causes them not to work as they should. There are many cases where this happens, and this term within the plumbing industry is referred to as ‘backflow’.

In a nutshell here are three primary reasons you want backflow issues to be prevented: 

  • It pushes hazardous substances back into the plumbing system, thus infiltrating pipes that distribute drinkable water
  • You will be able to smell it! Toilet odours, vapours and even solid contents can be drawn into the home 
  • It is a danger to your health, and can impact your quality of life or the quality of your workplace

What is backflow prevention?

It is a law in Western Australian law to have a proper backflow prevention device in place in your Perth home or commercial property. This is to minimise the risk of contaminating your drinkable water. If you don’t know whether you have a backflow prevention system, you should call a Perth plumber you can trust, like Superior Plumbing Drainage & Gas.

What a backflow prevention device looks like can vary greatly. Some are more common than others, and the one installed in your home or workplace is very tailored to your specific plumbing needs. Trying to find out which one is most suitable for you can feel like an overwhelming obstacle, and is best left to the Perth plumbing experts. 


What are the backflow prevention services offered at Superior Plumbing Drainage & Gas?

Have peace of mind knowing that our team is your one-stop backflow prevention service provider in Perth. We can help with backflow prevention testing,  backflow device inspection, backflow prevention repairs,backflow prevention installation and backflow prevention maintenance. You name it, and our team can address it. Once you engage us, it is our responsibility to set up an annual backflow prevention service to ensure your device complies, plus, we’ll work on your behalf and discuss your account with your water utilities services, smoothening the process.


Are you a business owner? Then you need a commercial plumber in your corner for your backflow prevention

Are you a commercial enterprise? Then are you aware that it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with all relevant backflow prevention obligations specific to your business? A lot of businesses have no idea, which is why it is important to have a plumbing partner who specialises in backflow prevention systems. Letting this imperative requirement slip can cause common contamination issues that could disrupt the workflow of your  industrial workshops, manufacturing operations, and commercial agriculture practices.

Please note, backflow prevention devices need to be installed on the water metre, protecting the drinkable water supply for the entire premises. Furthermore, your local Water Corporation body will send an annual letter to the property owner regarding backflow device maintenance. If you fail to maintain a backflow device with the appropriate backflow testing procedures, you will be notified of non-compliance notice, and this can lead to possible fines. 

Speak to our Perth team of plumbers today and let us sort out your backflow prevention. You can get in touch with our team promptly. You can chat to us about our drain repair services in Perth.