What is an Overflow Relief Gully?

An overflow relief gully (or ORG for short) is a vital component of your property. 

This grated outlet is located outside of a home, and in the event of a sewer block, the grate is designed to pop up, releasing excess sewer water from the sewer network. 

Your ORG should be well-maintained to make sure it functions properly in the event of a plumbing emergency at your home. 

Want to know more about overflow relief gullies? 

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Where can I find my overflow relief gully?

To find out if your ORG is functioning properly, you’ll need to locate it first. 

ORG’s are normally located in the ground somewhere outside your homein the garden or near your laundry. 

The sizes may vary, but to comply with the AS3500 Plumbing Regulation, they must be at least 150mm lower than the lowest fitting/drain and at least 75mm above ground level. 

Can’t find an ORG on your property? It’s worth calling a licensed Perth Plumber to come out, locate and ensure it’s well maintained. 


How an overflow relief gully works and how to maintain them

If you’re sewer line gets overloaded from excess water, and/or a blockage develops on the main line, you’ll hope your overflow relief gully is present and functioning. 

Why? ORG’s play a big role in ensuring that dirty water doesn’t go back up inside your home. 


Here’s some tips to take care of your ORG:

  • Make sure your ORG is free of any obstructions at all times. This includes but isn’t limited to potted plants, weeds, leaves, grass, miscellaneous laundry items or outdoor furniture. 
  • Keep your ORG top grate free from corrosion, make sure it’s kept free from dirt and concrete. Also, the top grate of your ORG must be loosely fitting to allow water to overflow if necessary. 
  • Never dispose of grease or food scraps down your ORG, hot water and drain cleaners should be avoided, too. All this may damage the pipes underneath. 
  • Ensure other downpipes, gutters and pool etc. aren’t draining down into your ORG. 

Planning renovations? An Applecross plumber is a good call to make to ensure your waste management and plumbing systems remain compliant to Australian plumbing standards. 


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