Toilet Troubles: Identifying the Common Reasons for Blocked Toilets

A toilet that isn’t functioning is frustrating, perhaps a little embarrassing, and definitely should be investigated further. 

After all, toilets exist to flush away our human waste. So, when they’re just not doing that, it’s time to do something about it…and fast. 

But what exactly causes a blocked toilet? Read more from the blocked drains Perth plumber team at Superior Plumbing to find out. 


Why is my toilet bowl clogged? 

A blockage occurring within the toilet itself is the most common reason behind blocked toilets. 

Let’s investigate further: 

  • Ask yourself how and when the blockage appeared. 
  • A build-up of toilet paper or surprising miscellaneous objects may be stuck further down the line. 

If you believe it’s merely human waste or toilet paper behind your blocked toilet, by all means, save the day yourself with a plunger. Stubborn blockages or something more sinister? Call a plumber Melville team to assist. 

It’s not uncommon for kids, or even pets to ‘accidentally on purpose’ drop toys and other items down the toilet. It’s far less common, but not impossible for adults to do the same. 

What should you do if you suspect this is the case? 

  • Don’t continue to flush! It will force it down further, where out of sight definitely doesn’t mean out of mind. 
  • The item, whatever it may be, may get stuck in your main sewer, clogging up further drains in your house. 
  • Instead, get a professional blocked drains Perth plumber to remove the toilet and take out the item. 

We recommend a professional blocked drains Perth plumber because we get the job done efficiently and avoid damaging your bathroom and toilet further. 


Why is my toilet taking too long to drain? 

A backed up, overflowing or slow draining toilet is a warning sign to be wary of. Why? 

This is a prime indication of a blockage somewhere down the line that you, of course, can’t see. 

What can you do?  

First thing’s first, try the trusty household plunger. If it clears the blockage, woohoo! If it doesn’t? Read on 

Water will have nowhere to go in the event of a blockage in your main line, so it will go back up into your toilet or appear in other drains (like bath or showers). Dirty sewer water presenting itself to you not only is gross, but a health hazard.  

Call upon a professional Perth plumber team who specialises in blocked drains Perth, to unblock your main line. We can have a look with CCTV if necessary, to efficiently solve your drainage woes. 


My toilet is smelling bad and/or making weird noises – what do I do? 

  • Use a plunger yourself or contact a plumber Melville blocked drain specialist to remove the toilet and use a jet rodding machine to clear the waste line. 
  • Ensure your P trap is well ventilated. Let a plumber Perth specialist help if need be. 
  • Replace your toilet ring. 
  • Never use harsh drain clearing products down the toilets, as the harsh chemicals could corrode pipes, soften PVC and crack toilets. 

When you need superior help that’s cost and time efficient, you need the blocked drains and plumber Perth team at Superior Plumbing. 


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