Put the Store-Bought Drain Cleaner Down and Back Away Slowly

Is Drain Cleaner Truly That Bad for Your Pipes?

Let’s face the facts: When a sink becomes blocked, the first instinct is not always to call a Perth plumber. A small bottle of liquid drain cleaner is not going to cost you a lot, and it takes little effort. So, why bother hiring professionals when you can do the job yourself? 

Drain cleaners contain corrosive and hazardous chemical mixtures that can be very dangerous. They can cause significant damage to pipes, and they pose a risk to the health of your family. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t use drain cleaners to clean your home’s pipes. 


Store Brought Drain Cleaners Will Destroy Your Pipes

As Perth plumbers, we have witnessed the negative effects of repeated drain cleaner usage over many years.  

Most people are unaware that liquid drain cleaners can be dangerous. The chemical reaction that liquid drain cleaners cause inside your drain pipes (often using hydrochloric acid), creates heat to dissolve any blockage. These products are effective for small clogs, but they will not work well for larger ones. 

High heat can melt or cause the deformation of plastic pipes. Metal pipes are stronger but can still be weakened by heat. This can lead to cracks and leaks down the line. 

They’re Not Only Bad for Your Pipes but Also for Your Body 


You now know how dangerous liquid drain cleaners can be to pipes. Now imagine what effect they could have on your health. The chemicals can cause irritation to your throat, lungs, eyes, and nose. While drain cleaning products may not be the same, there are some that can cause skin irritations when they splash onto your skin. Even worse is the possibility of liquid splashing into your eyes. It’s important to use safety glasses and be cautious of splashes when using these products. 


The Environmental Implications


The environmental impact of store-bought cleaners for drain cleaning is often the hammer in the coffin of many people. 

The liquid drain cleaner’s components don’t disappear once they’re poured down the drain. The chemicals can either drain into the public sewer system or into private septic tanks. Liquid drain cleaners can continue to cause havoc on everything they encounter. These substances can also seep into the groundwater and soil, further causing damage to the environment. 

Many liquid drain cleaners come in single-use plastic containers that can be thrown away after use. These containers contribute to the increasing plastic pollution in our world. 


Drain Cleaners That You Can Buy in Stores Are Temporary Solutions to Larger Problems


If your plumbing system is constantly impacted by blockages, it could be a bigger problem than just someone who is just washing too many dishes down the sink. 

Drain cleaner is intended to remove any blockages that the acid encounters. It will not treat problems with the plumbing or blockages further down. 

These situations are likely to call for the services of a professional, like Superior Plumbing. 

The best thing about calling a plumber in Perth to help you is the ability to determine the source of the blockage. You can’t cure a blockage if you have other materials in your drain system or cracks in the pipe. 

Because there is more to the problem than just hair and food build-up, much of the blockage equipment is expensive and complex. 


Safer Alternatives


We have covered all the reasons not to use liquid drain cleaners. Let’s now discuss safer options: 



A mechanical plunger is often all that is needed to clear a blocked drain in Perth. Place the plunger securely over the drain. You should cover any drainage points that could affect the suction you are trying to achieve with your plunger. To cover the rubber part of the plunger, add enough water to the clogged drainage to cover it. For 20 seconds, plunge vigorously. Then, lift the plunger straight up to increase suction. You can do this again and again if necessary. 



Drain snakes are machines that can remove larger clogs than plungers. The drain snake is inserted into the drain, and it is directed to the blockage point. It can push or pull on the clog to get it out. 


Hydro jetting

This tool uses high-pressure water to remove a blockage. Additional substances can be washed out by the hydro-jet. 


Video Examination

Video inspection of a drainage system is often done by professionals. This will enable you to determine the exact location of any blockages. 


Make Your Own Environmentally Friendly Cleaner 

You can make your own drain cleaner at home. One-half cup of baking soda should be poured down the drain. Next, pour half a cup of vinegar down the drain. Next, add several cups of boiling water to the drain. Be careful not to spill it. Give the solution time to get to work properly to clear a smaller blockage. 


Ways to Prevent a Blocked Drain in Perth


Preventing problems is always better than treating them. This is especially true for plumbing issues in your home. You can save money by following these helpful tips.  

  • Water is the only liquid that you should let go down your drain and sink. To avoid a blocked shower, drain in Perth, be careful of hair and dirt. 
  • When you’re done with the cooking oil, put it in a bag and place it in a bin. Do not pour any leftover cooking oil down your pipes.
  • You can buy a drain guard that will catch small objects and prevent them from being washed away.
  • Toilet paper, human waste, and water should not go down the toilet. 
  • Superior Plumbing team provides regular maintenance and cleaning. 

It is simple to prevent a blocked drain in Perth, and there is no need to use chemical drain cleaners that can cause more harm and damage to your blocked shower drain in Perth. 


If All Else Fails, Pick Up the Phone and Dial Your Local Plumber to Get It Fixed.


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