Koondoola – Sewer Main Extension

Superior Plumbing was recently commissioned by a client to oversee the construction of a 150mm sewer main extension for a newly established childcare centre. Our responsibilities encompassed a comprehensive range of tasks, including meticulous excavations, precise installation of the sewer pipe, and the subsequent backfill and compaction processes.

 Throughout the project, we maintained consistent communication with the relevant authorities, engaging in productive site meetings and obtaining essential approvals from the Water Corporation. Additionally, we diligently facilitated testing and commissioning procedures, ensuring the seamless integration of the sewer main extension into the existing infrastructure. Our collaborative efforts extended to assisting with piece-up connections, ensuring a fully functional and efficient sewer system for the childcare centre.

Recognising the significance of accurate documentation, we enlisted the expertise of a licensed surveyor to generate an as-constructed plan. This detailed plan, meticulously outlining the layout and specifications of the sewer main extension, was then meticulously compiled and submitted to both the client and the engineering team. Our commitment to precision and adherence to industry standards was reflected in the seamless execution of the sewer main extension project, underscoring our dedication to delivering superior plumbing solutions with unwavering excellence and professionalism.

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