Rossmoyne – Junction / Stormwater

Superior Plumbing was enlisted by a client to undertake a comprehensive scope of work, including a sewer junction cut-in for a green title subdivision alongside a meticulous stormwater installation project.

Recognising the specific requirements of the site, we promptly supplied a dewatering pump set, crucial for managing the proximity to the nearby river. Additionally, we efficiently organised comprehensive traffic management strategies, ensuring minimal disruption and ensuring a safe working environment throughout the project duration. Our meticulous approach extended to the removal and subsequent replacement of the existing bitumen, ensuring a smooth and seamless process without compromising the overall structural integrity.

Cognisant of the intricacies involved in the subdivision process, we provided a new sewer connection for the new lot, adhering to industry standards and compliance regulations. Additionally, our dedicated team facilitated the generation of an as-constructed plan, meticulously outlining the layout and specifications of the sewer connections, ensuring comprehensive documentation and adherence to regulatory requirements. Moreover, we supplied and expertly installed a stormwater lot connection pit over the council’s stormwater main, enhancing the efficiency and functionality of the stormwater management system within the subdivision.

Understanding the critical importance of robust stormwater management systems, we provided and skilfully installed stormwater liners with trafficable lids and stormwater connection points for the new lots. Our commitment to precision and adherence to industry standards was reflected in the seamless execution of the sewer junction and stormwater installation project, underscoring our dedication to delivering superior plumbing solutions with unwavering excellence and professionalism.

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