Parkwood – Blocked Drain / CCTV Drain Inspection

With our client’s request to clear a blocked drain, Superior Plumbing promptly attended the site, identifying a shaft in the driveway as the source of the obstruction.

Through a series of meticulous steps, we successfully removed the cap of the shaft, utilising a plunger to alleviate the blockage. Leveraging advanced technology, we employed a CCTV drain camera, enabling us to pinpoint the precise location of the blockage along the connection to the shaft. To ensure a thorough resolution, we utilised a specialised drain machine, effectively clearing the main sewer and confirming the clearance with the drain camera.

Our comprehensive inspection revealed a concerning root intrusion into the shaft, originating from the property sewer, along with noticeable backfall along a one-meter section of the drain at the base of the shaft. Understanding the critical need for a permanent solution, we recommended the strategic approach of cutting a section of the driveway and replacing the damaged segment of the drain. Subsequently, we provided the client with a detailed quote outlining the necessary works, ensuring transparency, and facilitating informed decision-making. Superior Plumbing’s commitment to delivering sustainable solutions and our dedication to utilising advanced technology underscore our reliability and expertise in providing superior plumbing services.

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