Dalkeith – Junction / Subdivision

In a recent project, Superior Plumbing undertook a series of crucial tasks, beginning with the submission of the APRA form to Water Corporation, seeking necessary approvals to commence work.

Subsequently, meticulous excavation work was conducted to a depth of approximately 4.0 meters, ensuring the safety of the site through the expert use of shoring boxes. Throughout the process, we maintained continuous communication with Water Corporation, facilitating the coordination and implementation of a new junction to be seamlessly integrated into the existing sewer infrastructure.

Demonstrating our commitment to comprehensive solutions, we efficiently managed the process of bringing the new sewer connection up and into the property, adhering to industry standards and safety protocols. Additionally, our dedicated team facilitated the development of an as-constructed plan, meticulously outlining the layout and specifications of the newly established sewer connection, ensuring accurate documentation and compliance with regulatory requirements. Once the installation was completed, we meticulously executed the backfilling process, meticulously restoring the site to its original state and ensuring a secure and stable foundation for the sewer infrastructure. Superior Plumbing’s dedication to precision and adherence to industry standards was underscored in the seamless execution of the project, highlighting our unwavering commitment to delivering superior plumbing solutions with the utmost professionalism and expertise.

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