Pipe Patching or Pipe Relining

In the realm of plumbing, we are sure it comes as no surprise to you that one of the more expensive repairs are pipe damage repairs.


Our pipes are part of a larger drainage system that encompass the entire plumbing functionality of a household or commercial premises. Therefore, careful consideration needs to happen before you choose a plumber in Perth to attend to the damage.

In this article, we explore what pipe patching and pipe relining are, and which one may be the better option for your unique situation.


 What is the difference between pipe patching and pipe relining?


To start with, both techniques include using a resin-based solution to repair the damaged areas in the pipe.

Pipe patching: In this process, the resin-based solution is only applied to the damaged patches of the pipes, consequently making it cost and time efficient. It is a damaged-target approach and does not require deep digging like traditional pipe repair methods.

Pipe relining: Pn the other hand, this process involves a liner that is inserted inside the pipe with the resin solution inside it. After the resin solution is spread inside the walls of the pipe, it starts to harden and get into the existing small chips and cracks of the pipe. This technique of pipe repair makes the pipeline more strong and brand new looking. It also clears any kind of blockage or build-up.


Now, which one is better?


Short answer, it depends. Both are equally sustainable and efficient methods for repairing pipe lines and other drain-related problems. However, when considering which option is better for you is dependent on the type of problem you are encountering and the type of pipework you have.

Relining is an efficient choice for long cracks and broken drains, and if you face problems in the following pipes:

  •       Chemical pipes
  •       Sewer pipes
  •       Septic pipes

Pipe patching is an ideal choice for small, damaged areas, and to restore the structure of the pipework. Such as chipped pipes, small leaks, pipe leaks, etc.


Alright, I have a pipework issue, what should I do next?


Finding the root cause of the problem can get difficult to diagnose on your own. This is why modern-day plumbing problems require modern-day solutions, executed by a state-of-the-art plumber in Hamilton Hill – Superior Plumbing Drainage & Gas. Call our team of plumbers today to get expert advice for your drainage and pipework problems.

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