How to Stay Warm in Your Home this Winter


Turn the heater on, put on those fluffy slippers and layer up – it’s how many of us brave the cold within our own homes in winter.

There are other smart and long-term strategies to consider when it comes to staying warm.

Want to know how to avoid the shivering, teeth-chattering and exorbitant energy bills this winter?

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Inspect your home for cracks and gaps


Gaps and cracks are not just unsightly, they can lead to heat loss and potentially even inviting the cold air in.

Thankfully, it’s easy to remedy this issue:

  • Seal cracks around doors and windows, floorboards and walls with air-sealing products.
  • Draught stoppers at the base of your doors don’t cost too much at all and are available at your local hardware store.

Up to 25% of heat loss in winter (and heat gain in summer) is due to those pesky draughts. So, get to them quick smart!


Insulate your home


Insulation acts as a barrier against heat loss through ceilings, roofs, walls and floors.

Naturally, it’s an incredibly effective way to keep your home nice and temperate throughout the change in seasons.

Did you know that you could save up to 45% on cooling and heating energy costs by having a home that’s properly insulated?


Get window wise


Double glazed windows work exceptionally well in preventing heat transfer. Paying more to have them installed, will save you a lot of energy costs in the future.

On the topic of windows, there’s some other winter warmer tips you can implement, such as:

  • Decorative, thermal curtains and blinds that stop heat from escaping, and
  • Pelmets – the decorative but functional little box that sits atop your curtain rod that blocks cold air from seeping into the rooms of your home.

Remember, don’t forget to let the winter sunshine in. When it rains it pours, but when the sun shines, it will deliver you free and natural heat into your home.


Room remedies


Heating all the rooms in the house may seem tempting, but its lack of energy and cost efficiency should make you think twice. Only heat rooms that are in use to avoid unnecessary energy bill jumps.

What else can you do?

  • Shut the doors to rooms not in use
  • Utilise rugs on tiles, linoleum and wooden floorboards
  • Switch from cotton sheets to flannelettes
  • Wear warmer clothing and
  • Set your heater.

A thermostat should be set between 19 and 20 degrees Celsius. Consider using the heater’s timer function, too.


Install a gas log fireplace


Gas log fires look, feel and undeniably are great installations in the home.

Although they look like the real deal, the wood is actually ceramic, relying on propane or natural gas to operate.

The benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • No wood chopping, mess or hard maintenance
  • Efficient warming
  • Easy to install and value-adding to your home.

A professional Melville plumber and gas specialist is what you need to install a beautiful, toasty gas log fireplace in your home.


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