How to Prevent Floods, Leaks and Wasted Money

Plumbing is essential to the health and hygiene of everyday living. It’s important to know what can go wrong so you can focus on making sure things stay right. Leaks, floods, wasted water and money – we’re looking at you! 

Want to know how to prevent floods, leaks and wasted money when it comes to your residential and commercial plumbing systems? 

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Corrosion and plumbing system wear and tear

Lived in and loved your home for many years? Or perhaps you’ve recently moved into an older home. 

As any plumbing system ages, it becomes more susceptible to rust and corrosion which may eat away at crucial pipes. 

How can you possibly know this is happening? 

  • By noticing discolouration or warping on your pipes. 
  • Seeing, hearing or smelling something off with your plumbing system is worth a call to your trusted plumber in Perth. 

You should definitely consider replacing an older plumbing system which is at a higher risk of corrosion or failure for newer, smarter and sturdier systems. 

Prevention now will save your water usage, money and hassle in the future. 


Flexi hoses and flooding

A burst flexi hose (or water hose) is generally the most common cause of internal home flooding. 

So, what is a flexi hose? Well, it’s a plumbing connection from the water main to major appliances, all sinks and toilets. 

Did you know that flexi hoses have a limited lifespan and should be replaced every five years? 

This is a fact not well known. 

Found yourself with a burst flexi hose or one that looks on the way out? It’s best you call a plumber in Perth to rescue you from a flood emergency or potential flooding. 


Water pressure woes

Strong water pressure may seem like a great idea, especially in the shower – but it most definitely is causing some strain somewhere along the plumbing line.  

Did you know that most plumbing systems can only safely and effectively handle a certain level of water pressure?  

Excess pressure increases your chance of wasteful water leaks. 

Water pressure too low or high in your home? Contact a plumber and get to the root of your problem and find the solution for a healthy plumbing system. 


Holidays and your plumbing

When you’re up and off on a holiday, you would think your plumbing issues may temporarily cease to exist. After all, there’s no one at home to flood the house, create leaks and all other plumbing emergencies. However, this also means there’s no one at home to turn off the main water valve. 

The solution? 

  • Turn off your main water valve before you go on your holiday, or 
  • If it’s required to stay on for an automatic sprinkler system, unplug the most common water damage prone appliances like dishwashers, ice makers, sinks and toilets. 

This will save you wasted water and money from plumbing emergencies and frustrations so you can really relax and enjoy your holiday. 


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