Have You Fallen for These Plumbing Myths?

As Perth plumbers, we are here to put some common plumbing myths down the drain.


It is easy to get into the trap of not paying much attention to your plumbing system until it goes wrong. Out of sight, out of mind.

But, when a pipe bursts or damp patches appear on your walls, the damage is usually already done.

These plumbing myths will help you distinguish fact from fiction. To avoid expensive repairs, there are some plumbing tasks that should be left to the experts.


Myth #1-Don’t Worry About a Leaky Tap


Although it may not seem like a major problem, a leaky faucet can lead to more problems than just a higher water bill if you don’t fix it. A dripping tap could indicate a bigger problem.

Even the smallest leak can waste gallons of water every day. If you don’t want your money to go down the drain, fixing that leak should be your top priority.

A faucet can leak due to corrosion and mineral build-up. Dripping can be caused by worn-out seals and valve seats or corroded washers. Leakage can be caused by defective washers, gaskets, and O-rings.

The answer to a dripping faucet is not to tighten the tap. You run a greater risk of damaging your faucet the tighter you turn it.


Myth # 2-It’s Easy to Flush Because it’s “Flushable”


Yes, it does say “flushable” on its package. However, that doesn’t mean you can safely flush it down the toilet.

Blocked drains in Perth are often caused by flushable wipes. Ask any Perth plumber and they will tell you that flushing wipes can cause a blocked drain or a major plumbing problem.

Other than human waste and toilet paper, you should never flush anything. You should not flush hygiene products, diapers, cotton balls, or paper towels.

Why? because personal hygiene products like wipes don’t have the same ability to break down as toilet paper. They are made from tough materials and don’t easily break down. They can get stuck in your pipes eventually, clogging them.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that something is gone if it goes down the drain. Everything you flush goes through your drain pipes. It can clog your system if it gets stuck.

Flooding can occur when water and waste are not drained. Bad water can build up in your sink, bathtub, or shower.

The problem is not limited to a single house. It is also a risk to your city’s sewer system. Personal wipes that have been contaminated with sewage can often get stuck in the sewer, clogging pipes and causing damage to mains and pumps.

Congealed masses are formed when oils, grease, hair, and other materials stick to the wipes.


Myth # 3-To Prevent Clogs, Combine Boiling Water with Grease


Do not pour grease down the sink. Grease residue should be thrown in the bin, not the sink.

Although hot water may seem to help grease drain, once it cools, the grease sticks deep within the pipes. Everything else that goes down your drain will soon attach to it. Grease attracts hair, food, lint, and dirt.

Hot water just sends grease further down the drain. thereby making it impossible to reach with a common snake. It will take a professional to remove the line, as it is still cooling and settling in your drains.

Many problems that you don’t see can occur in a drainage system. Avoiding grease from a sink, toilet, or drain is the best way to prevent problems.


Myth #4 – Chemical Drain Cleaners are Safe


Most homeowners who have a blocked drain in Perth find that chemical drain cleaners work best. It may surprise you to learn that liquid drain cleaners don’t work well enough to remove all the blockages. Even worse, these drain cleaners can also attempt to clean your pipes.

Chemical drain cleaners can also be extremely toxic and cause skin burns if they get even a tiny bit on your skin. A professional plumber in Melville can clear and clean out a Perth blocked drain with the proper technique if it is slow or clogged.


Myth #5 – Do-It Yourself Solutions Work for Most Plumbing Problems


Plumbing is not a DIY project. This is the biggest myth.

Every homeowner should have a plunger. A plunger is a great tool to clear small clogs. Sometimes, however, a plunger can make the clog more severe or cause a flood in your bathroom.

Are you certain that you have fixed the root problem when you unclog your drain? In many situations, a professional Melville plumber can be an asset.

You can fix a leaky faucet yourself if you feel confident. However, it is best to leave the more difficult issues to professionals.


Do Not Believe the Common Plumbing Myths


This list contains the top home plumbing myths that you should be aware of next time you experience a plumbing problem. Hiring a professional from Superior Plumbing & Gas to fix the problem will save you time and money.

We are available to help you with any plumbing issues in Perth. Our plumbers can repair, replace, or resolve any problem.

We are available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ll respond quickly to any emergency.

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