Common Summertime Plumbing Problems

Don’t let common issues put a damper on your summer fun.


Summer is a time for increased socialising and outdoor activities, but it also means that your plumbing system must work harder, which can lead both to costly repairs and potential plumbing problems such as blocked drains in Perth.  


Washing Machine Maintenance


All summer activities can cause washing machine strain. It seems that summer is a time when heavy loads are common, which can cause overflows and blockages. To avoid problems, try to load your machine with small loads. For reduced risk of overheating, check your machine’s hoses regularly for leakages. Contact us to assist you in the event of a problem.  


Problems with lawn sprinklers


Lawn sprinklers will see a lot more use this summer. This is because you need to water your yard a lot to maintain a lush green lawn. It’s possible for sprinkler heads to get clogged or stop working if they weren’t cleaned and inspected at the start of the year. They could even get accidentally pushed into your lawnmower.  


Slow Clearing Drains


It’s no secret that sand can be messy. Your Perth blocked drain can be congested by things such as dirt, pebbles, and sand. Plumbers recommend washing off at the beach or public showers before you use your shower to stop sand water from getting down your shower drain. A good tip is to get rid of any dirt or hair that may have collected on the drain covers.  


Leaky Dishwashers


To prevent soapy water from leaking from your dishwasher onto the floor, it relies on a rubber door seal. Many families rush to finish chores and get on with their lives, which can lead to dishwasher problems.  


Overfilled dishwashers can cause water to seep onto the floor if they are not tightly sealed. Overfilled dishwashers can also cause problems with the float assembly of your system, which can lead to water overfill. The wrong detergent can cause your dishwasher to leak because some soaps create more suds than other soaps. Filter-equipped systems can become clogged up with dishes, making it more difficult to drain.  


Insufficient hot water supply


Summer is a time when you might shower or bathe more often than in other seasons. Your hot water heater may be put under increased pressure by this increase in hot water usage. Your tank water heater may need to be refilled and heated multiple times per day. Your system may not have enough hot water to heat everyone’s needs. This can lead to inconvenience. While tankless hot water heaters are great for large families, there are limitations to how much water they can heat at once. To provide hot water for multiple users, you might need a tankless heater.  



Inefficient Sump Pumps


Sump pumps are a must if your home is at risk of flooding. If you are not prepared for summer rainstorms, they can be severe and destructive.  


If you don’t have a sump pump, water can seep into your sewage lines and cause flooding.  


Make it sure that your sump is in a good, functional condition. To prevent future damage, it’s a good idea that your sump pump is regularly inspected.  


Clogged toilets


With the kids and family home all summer, your toilet will get a lot more use. The more you use a toilet, the more it will get clogged. Blocked toilets are an easy plumbing problem to resolve. Professionals are only needed if the clog is very severe.  


Summertime Plumbing Leaks 


Due to the cold previous winter, a variety of plumbing leaks may develop during the summer months. These leaks could be simple like a hose bib leak or more complex problems such as a compromised water supply, fitting, slab leak or pipe leak. Your plumber should be contacted immediately if there is a leak in the water supply line, fixture, or higher than usual monthly water bills. A simple drip from an outside hose bib or plumbing fixture will waste hundreds of thousands of gallons of freshwater, which is one the most precious resources of all.  


Tree Roots in Sewer Lines


Tree roots that intrude into sewer lines can cause problems at any time of year but is more common during the summer. Tree roots will seek water more efficiently in dry weather, which is why they are more likely to invade sewer lines. Your underground pipes provide water to tree roots and can be clogged up by them.  


Steep Water Bills


If your water bills go up, it is worth evaluating how your family uses water. High water bills can be caused by people living with you or new appliances, frequent showering, irrigation, and leaks.  


You can’t control the amount of water used by your houseguests, but you can make water-friendly home decisions that will lower your water bill. Look out for potential leaks, which could cause additional water consumption. Broken main water lines could lead to water loss of thousands of gallons per day, significantly increasing your cost.  



Don’t Let Summer Plumbing Problems Get You Down


We want you and your family to have a great summer without worrying about any plumbing problems. Although many of these summer plumbing issues can be avoided, it is possible for homeowners to need assistance with plumbing.  


Superior Plumbing have been helping Perth residents and businesses with their plumbing needs for over 15 years from blocked drains in Perth to blocked toilet plumbing issues. Contact us if you have a plumbing issue, so that you can enjoy your summer days again as soon as possible.