7 shocking facts about water leaks

Anything that costs money unnecessarily is shocking in its own right. There’s no difference really when it comes to wasted water (and money) caused by water leaks.

Water leaks essentially refers to the component of water that doesn’t make it to the customer, making it ‘lost’ somewhere in the system. There are three types of water leakage in Australian properties – categorised into reported bursts that are visible, unreported bursts that aren’t visible at the surface and background leakages.

Most of us don’t know the statistics that come out of water leaks.

Want to know 7 facts about water leaks. What you may discover, might shock you into action.

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The water leak facts under the microscope

We’ve compiled 7 facts about water leaks in Australia.

Do you know the below?

  1. The average household yearly is responsible for more than 4.5 trillion litres of water wastage. To put that into perspective, that equates to the amount required to wash 270 loads of laundry.
  2. If your home or business has fallen victim to an unsuspected water leak or leaks, that’s a bonus of just over 450 litres of water lost for every day that it isn’t fixed.
  3. 13,000 litres of water (and counting) are lost per year to the household or business premises that lets their faucets drip one drop of water every second.
  4. The most common causes of water leaks we hear you ask? These originate mostly from worn-out toilet flappers, clogged kitchen and shower drains, leaking valves and dripping faucets.
  5. It’s estimated that homeowners and business owners alike can save up to 10% on their water bills, simply by rectifying the surprisingly fixable water leaks on site.
  6. Many insurance companies report that their clients can and do claim damage caused by water leaks.
  7. Just one leaking toilet on a property can very well lead to a loss of 1,386 litres of water every minute. Not year, month, day or hour – every minute!


Spring yourself into action

Now that you know the facts, how can you detect water leaks in your household or business?

One solid way to see if there are any drips or leaks in your drainage system is to check the usage of water during the colder months, regularly.

From here, check your water meter in the ‘in-between hours,’ such as when the kitchen and bathrooms aren’t used, at home when you’re at work, or at your business premises out of office times.


Rely on your professional Melville plumber

For the undetectable leaks and the hard to fix water leaks, there’s one thing you can do for peace of mind and to lessen water wastage.

Call upon your trusted Melville plumber to organise a leak detection at your premises if you suspect something is wrong within your plumbing system.


Suspect a water leak on your property?

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