6 temporary fixes for leaky pipes

A burst pipe from the get-go is an alarming situation that needs to be addressed quickly.

After all, regardless of the pipe size and location within a building, it can flood your place of residence or commercial premises in no time.

Extensive property damage can ultimately ensue, which can be avoided with fast action.

A fast, simple, temporary fix is what you need for a leaky, burst pipe before your plumber arrives.

Want to know 6 temporary fixes for pesky, frustrating leaky pipes?

Find out with the Melville plumbers, Superior Plumbing, by reading on.


Tape it with duct tape

It’s the material many of us have around the home or office for odd jobs here and there.

Duct tape is waterproof and is a fast, straightforward, temporary fix to burst and leaky pipes – especially if you have nothing else at hand in your toolbox.

To halt the leak before your plumber arrives, wrap the duct tape tightly around the pipe several times. This will create a temporary seal and should suffice before professional resolution is possible.


Shape it up

Plumbing epoxy is a mouldable substance that you can shape to fill in cracks and plug leaks.

When handling epoxy, it’s best to break off a small amount first, kneading until soft, and then use it to plug the pipe leak.

Remember to push it firmly in and around the cracked and/or leaky areas and give it a few minutes to harden before it successfully becomes a temporary fix.


Clamp it down

In addition to utilising duct tape, you can choose to fasten the tape with a pipe clamp if you want extra protection.


Wrap it around

When placed in the right section, a pipe wrap will harden, creating a seal around the leaky surface.

Pipe wraps are a fantastic temporary measure as they can be employed anywhere on a pipe for a whole range of cracks and leaks.


Connect it

If a pipe is leaking at the joint or in the middle, wrap rubber couplings or connectors around the problem pipe to tighten up the leak.

A downfall is they need to be cut into shape, which not everyone will feel comfortable to do. However, rubber pipe connectors are the ideal (temporary) solution to avoid toilet or laundry water from flooding your floors.


Repair with sleeves

If you find yourself dealing with smaller cracks, dodgy pipe joints and pinhole problems you can opt for repair sleeves for a temporary leaky pipe fix.

They’re similar to pipe clamps, providing an impressively strong provisional fix.


Long-term plumbing fixes with Superior Plumbing

Once you have identified a burst or leaky pipe and utilised either one or a selection of the above methods to keep flooding at bay, it’s time to call a professional Perth plumber.

The team of Melville plumbers at Superior Plumbing are who you can count on for fast, reliable and comprehensive fixes to plumbing problems.


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