6 Plumbing Upgrades for Improved Home Efficiency

Your plumbing system can be one of the most cost-effective and convenient areas in your home to upgrade.


In Perth, or just about anywhere else in the world, people and families often aim to achieve two things when managing a household: long-term financial savings and greater convenience.

There are several ways to accomplish both these goals. You will need to identify these and then figure out how you can make your home more comfortable and functional and reduce costs in the long term.

It is important to make repairs and improvements promptly in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and reduce waste.

What are some home upgrades that can improve efficiency and ease of use? Superior Choice Plumbing & Gas, your local expert Perth plumbers, shares important upgrades that you should keep in mind.


Replace Your Plumbing


This is a general statement. However, we’re referring especially to those who live in old homes, especially if they’ve had extensions.

Old Perth plumbing materials like lead, polybutylene, or galvanised iron pipes can pose health risks and should be examined by a professional. We can advise you on the risks and plan to fix them.

If in doubt, a Fremantle plumber can help you determine which type of pipe will work best for your situation. They can also repair and replace any old plumbing in Perth.

Likewise, the relocation of certain pipes can also help to reduce the energy consumption of water heaters.

It is possible to make significant improvements to your home’s plumbing system, which can help prevent rapid wear and reduce water costs. It is best to seek the guidance and experience of skilled Perth plumbers in order to make the correct changes.


The Latest Plumbing Technology


In the past decade, plumbing technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. There are many modern plumbing products that offer increased convenience and energy efficiency.

One example is water heaters. There are designs that adjust energy consumption according to the weather. Solar-powered heaters can also be found that reduce a household’s use of fossil fuel energy. This can translate into lower monthly energy bills. Consider having your heater replaced by one of these models.

The toilet is another impressive product of modern plumbing technology. Japanese toilets are more comfortable and convenient than American ones. They also have several useful features that can make life easier for some people. You can purchase a toilet that heats up for each user, flushes automatically, and monitors the health of your family members by checking their urine.

You should consider new taps and shower-heads at a very affordable price. You can make your family’s bathroom more accessible and safer by installing shower-heads and taps that have sensor technology.


Installation of a Greywater System


While clean water is readily available in Australia, it’s worth looking into recycling water that has been used. You can reuse laundry water as well as bath water to clean the house and water the garden.

This system is an excellent way to increase efficiency in your home, make your household more eco-friendly, and reduce household expenses. The best part is that all the water from the system can be routed to the areas where it will be most used.


Long-Lasting Plumbing Products


Pay attention not only to the functionality of your plumbing fixtures, but also to how water- and energy-efficient they are. You should also consider the product’s durability. It is always worth spending more for better product quality.

High-quality plumbing products are durable and will last a lifetime. They also prevent costly repairs and replacements. You can also avoid any inconveniences that could disrupt your daily life. You need to ensure that all the components work well and are functional for your home.

If you are upgrading your plumbing system, ensure that it is done for the benefit of the entire family.


A Whole-House Water Filtration System


The quality of the water they drink is a growing concern for homeowners. Although the water from our taps is technically safe, it can contain minerals and other elements that make it taste bad. The cost of bottled water, in combination with the rising cost of water energy, is a bigger concern.

Many homeowners are increasingly turning to whole-house water filtration systems. There are many options available that allow residents to choose the right system for them and their budget.


Carbon Filtering


Carbon filtering, also known as charcoal water filtration, is a process that filters water through activated charcoal (carbon). Chemical absorption is used to remove contaminants from water as it passes through the charcoal.


UV filters


When water is filtered through the UV light, the UV water filters act like germicides. This effectively eliminates harmful impurities found in tap water.


Reverse Osmosis


Reverse osmosis, which uses pressure to filter water molecules through a membrane, is another popular option.


Hydraulic Water Filtration


Water filtration systems that filter water through synthetic foam or nylon floss can be used to filter contaminants. All harmful particles will be trapped within the nylon fibres or foam.


Regular Plumbing Maintenance


Do not be one of those people who only calls your local plumber when there’s something seriously wrong with your plumbing fixtures. Make regular maintenance your priority.

Remember, prevention is always better than a cure. It is possible to fix potentially expensive plumbing problems right away by scheduling a plumbing check-up. You can bet it will be cheaper to spot and fix small plumbing problems than to deal with a larger problem. Maintaining your home regularly will also benefit you. There is a lower chance of plumbing troubles disrupting your day.

These are six useful plumbing improvements that you can make for your home. Superior Choice Plumbing & Gas is a trusted plumbing company that can help you improve your home’s efficiency. As local Fremantle plumbers, we are always available to help, educate, or provide services in any way we can for your plumbing problems. Get in touch today.