5 Plumbing Hacks Every Homeowner Should Know

Plumbing is very rarely thought of in a home, unless something goes wrong. Just like our own health though, preventing the problems is always better than the cure. 

Knowing some helpful hints will save you a lot of money later down the (plumbing) line. 

Who knows? Perhaps you already know these helpful hacks…like what you should or shouldn’t flush down the toilet. 

Read more from the blocked drains Perth plumber team at Superior Plumbing to discover the plumbing hacks every homeowner should know. 


1. Renovation ready

Renovations are exciting, perhaps a bit daunting and for many homes…well overdue! 

Be wary though, in the renovation process, to not accidentally puncture any pipes. 

For example, drilling without checking what’s inside the inner walls or down below can seriously damage your plumbing systems and end terribly. 

Consult with your Perth plumber team to identify where your plumbing systems are located, and how healthy they are. 


2. Flush only human waste down the toilet

This should go without saying, but you would be surprised the number of unusual items a blocked drains Perth plumber finds flushed down toilets. 

So, remember human waste only. 

What can you do? 

  • Enact and stick to this rule yourself, 
  • Be mindful of mischievous children, their toys, or any small household item and the toilet bowl, 
  • Perhaps even be on the lookout for your clever furry friend and their toys around the toilet…stranger things have happened! 

Contact a Melville plumber and blocked drains Perth specialist to assist with nasty, stubborn blockages in your home plumbing system. 


3. Identify the location of your mains water shutoff

The water main is responsible for controlling water flow to your home. 

You may, from time to time, need to turn it off because: 

  • There’s a suspected water leak in your home, 
  • Water pooling in your backyard, 
  • Water is dripping under the kitchen sink, and/or 
  • Water is gushing uncontrollably around your house. 

But where is your mains water shutoff? 

The main shut off in Australian homes is commonly found at the front of homes, protected by a council cover plate. Once found, turn it clockwise to immediately cut the water supply from your home. 


4. Get yourself a plunger

They’re great for the small blocked drains of Perth.  

blocked drains plumber is still your best option for stubborn blockages. 


5. Stay on top of leaky fixtures and other warning signs

Leaking taps – what may seem slightly irritating is actually the warning sign off something bigger. 

In fact, what’s more irritating is the fact that they’re slowly (but surely) draining away your money and wasting precious water, too! 

What can you do? 

  • Be on the lookout for leaky taps with regular DIY checks, and 
  • Be on the lookout for other warning signs like weird noises, smells or slow draining sinks. 
  • Contact your plumber Perth blocked drains specialist to solve current and prevent further plumbing problems. 


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