10 Common Blocked Drain Questions Answered

Why is my drain blocked (AGAIN)? Is there any possible way to prevent drain blockages? How can I get my drains unblocked fast?

There’s many questions the people of Perth ask about plumbing, with a majority focused on everything and anything blocked drains Perth.

For the answers to all your blocked drains, read more from your friendly Melville plumber team at Superior Plumbing to find out.

  1. How do I resolve a smelly drain?

First, you’ll need to identify the cause (which is usually a blocked drain). There’s a blockage in the pipe somewhere from all those plumbing bad guys like debris, wet-wipes, hair, oil and food scraps.

The bacteria on these bad guys grow and result in a nasty smell.

Bad smells coming from one drain only? This likely means a local blockage, very close to the surface.

A more wide-reaching, sewer-like smell? The blockage is probably in the main sewer line – so a professional blocked drains plumber is the best point of call. 

  1. Why is my drain making noises?

Gurgling drains are often caused by partial blockages. An obstruction in the pipes cause water to drain slowly, creating air bubbles that lead to the gurgling you hear.

Call a Perth blocked drains plumber to solve the partial blockage before it becomes a complete one!

  1. Why is my sink draining sooooo slowly?

A clog is forming, and this is a pre-warning before a complete blockage. Water cannot flow freely through the pipes with a partial blockage. Most of the common culprits in these scenarios are lint, soap scum and hair in the bathroom and laundry, oil build-up and food scraps in the kitchen.

A plunger is your best friend in this scenario, that and boiling water down the kitchen sink.

  1. What about my sink that won’t drain at all?

To solve without a plumber:

  • Pour bicarb soda and vinegar, and/or
  • Get plunging. Completely cover the drain opening with the plunger, ensuring a tight seal. Then, push down with quick and forceful movements.

Not working? It’s time for a Perth blocked drains plumber to come to the rescue.

  1. How do I unblock my toilet?

Use a flange plunger (for blocked toilets), not a cup plunger (for blocked sinks).

  1. Why is water pooling on the shower floor?

You’ve got a drain blockage that is restricting flow of water.

Take the drain grate out and unclog by hand.

  1. Can I flush wet-wipes down the toilet?

Short answer? No.

Long answer? Please refrain unless you want a plumbing emergency.

  1. How can I avoid drain blockages before they happen?

To avoid a blocked drain before they happen is relatively easy and involves changing our habits:

  • Keep food, coffee grounds and grease away from the kitchen sink.
  • Pour liquid grease into a sealable container.
  • Consider a shower drain hair catcher or take notice of hair and soap scum before they make their way to the shower drains.
  • Remember that toilets are made for human waste and toilet paper only.
  1. How much does a blocked drains plumber cost?

Request a free quote from Superior Plumbing, your Melville Plumber to find out – No obligation and stress-free!

  1. Who should I call for blocked drains Perth?

That’s easy – Superior Plumbing!

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